Program Modules

7 videos | 1 hour 14 minutes

These introductory videos will give you a solid foundation before you begin exploring the Admired Leadership routines and behaviors. We think of them as pre-requisites that answer key leadership questions. What do we mean by a “behavioral” view? What does it mean to be an “authentic” leader? How does a routine differ from technique? What is the Admired Leadership definition of wisdom? And, the most commonly asked question: Are leaders born or made?

11 videos | 1 hour 51 minutes

Everyone needs the right feedback at the right time, but it is how leaders convey that feedback that has the greatest impact. The behaviors in this module illustrate how the best leaders share feedback in a way that encourages people to make change and improve performance. Mastering these behaviors allows leaders to reduce resistance to feedback and get the best from people. 

11 videos | 1 hour 38 minutes

Whether a leader can be believed is fundamental to all other leadership success. This module illustrates how the best leaders display character and competence everyday to establish credibility. By consistently demonstrating these behaviors, leaders make themselves worthy of followership from others. 

11 videos | 1 hour 40 minutes

Inspiring others is among the highest callings of great leaders. In the module introduction, viewers learn about a common ingredient that universally inspires everyone and anyone. The behaviors in the module show leaders how to demonstrate this ingredient to motivate and inspire others.

11 videos | 1 hour 14 minutes

Results matter to ensure long-term success. This collection of behaviors highlights how the best leaders improve the performance of others and maintain an ongoing results focus.

11 videos | 1 hour 32 minutes

Relationships depend on conversations to sustain them. The behaviors in this module show how the best leaders invest in others and maintain and nurture their relationships through different conversations and by symbolic actions that promote the importance of others.

11 videos | 1 hour 9 minutes

Getting the most important decisions right is a sign of great leadership. Exceptional decision makers engage in many of the same behaviors when making decisions. These behaviors allow leaders to make consistently high quality decisions.

11 videos | 1 hour 23 minutes

Getting others to embrace change and move forward in a changing environment is one of the toughest challenges all leaders face. The behaviors in this module illustrate how the best leaders encourage and reduce resistance to change.

11 videos | 1 hour 21 minutes

Even good leaders are time-stretched. The behaviors in this module are touchstones for becoming the most productive leader you can be. By expanding time, leaders enjoy the capacity to focus on what really matters.

11 videos | 1 hour 23 minutes

On the best teams, leadership is displayed by everyone. This module focuses on those behaviors exceptional leaders use to build the leadership muscle for teams to succeed which encourages leadership across the team.

11 videos | 1 hour 6 minutes

Making new habits is hard and making them last is even harder. The behaviors here outline what the best leaders do to create new habits and make lasting change. This module covers new ground and also retraces the steps the best leaders employ that are more commonly known but highly effective.