Admired Leadership Certification

We only want those leaders who are deeply committed to Admired Leadership and the behavioral view of leadership development to become Admired Leadership Certified. The certification process is designed to ensure those with the certification title will lead with the highest standards and live up to the values of extraordinary leadership. We expect only a small number of exceptional leaders to become certified and we will involve them inside a community of like-minded leaders who will gather, learn and share together.

The Admired Leadership Community

Building a community of like-minded leaders requires on-going conversations where special leaders can share and compare notes about timeless routines and behavioral leadership. We will invite Certified leaders to be a part of exclusive events, experiences, webinars and live small group dialogues with Admired Leaders from our studies. Certified leaders will also be included in updates about new behaviors and routines uncovered by our research team and will assist us in identifying exceptional leaders worthy of examination. As the Community grows, we expect dialogue groups to spring up across major cities and within university and corporate settings. The Admired Leadership team will help to coordinate and serve as a resource to these conversations. A Community Calendar will keep everyone abreast of the related activities and events of interest to our Certified leaders.

The Certification Process

Leaders wishing to become Certified in the Admired Leadership content must be nominated by 3 leaders, agree to live by a leadership Code of Ethics and pass a Certification Test demonstrating understanding and expression of the Admired Leadership routines and behaviors. This is no cakewalk, but we hope the hard work will bring enormous self-satisfaction and galvanize Admired Leadership for those looking to challenge themselves and become a part of a community of like-minded leaders.

Nomination & Code of Ethics

Leaders interested in becoming Certified must first submit a self-nomination application describing their leadership values. In addition, they must be nominated by three leaders who have witnessed their leadership firsthand in the last 5 years and believe the leader exemplifies the qualities of Admired Leadership. The nominators are asked to complete a short form and email it to our Certification coordinator, at Once the nomination application is accepted, the leader will then be asked to read and commit to a Code of Ethics to ensure Certified leaders represent the highest values and live up to the promise of Admired Leadership–to make situations and people better.

Certification Test

The Certification Test is offered throughout the US and Canada at multiple times and venues and can be sponsored by a given organization or company. In addition, a Certification Test is always given a day prior to the Annual Admired Leadership Community Conference in the Fall of each year.

The Certification Test is composed of 3 parts: Theory, Observation and Demonstration. In the Theory section, leaders will be asked to answer questions pertaining to Admired Leadership behaviors and how they work to improve leadership, much like the Test Your Knowledge Quizzes at the end of each module. The Observation segment asks leaders to identify Admired Leadership behaviors in action as displayed in video and other examples. Lastly, the Demonstration section asks leaders to demonstrate for others specific behaviors within the course. This section is captured for review and critique.

The Certification Test takes roughly 6 hours to complete. The test begins with a review and Q/A session to prime participants so they are ready for the test. The Test is Pass/Fail for each section. Leaders can retake any section within one year without additional fees. The cost for Certification is $750. To retain Certified status, leaders are required to become a member of the Admired Leadership community of Certified Leaders and maintain connection to the course content for $200 per year.

Leaders interested in becoming Certified should download the Admired Leadership Study Guide and check frequently to learn of upcoming Certification Days and locations. Certification tests are limited to 30 leaders, so be sure to register early and note whether a given Certification Day is open to all leaders or restricted to leaders in a given organization or company.

The 5 Steps to Become Certified

  1. Complete the Course and Exercises and Quizzes
  2. Submit Nomination Forms and Code of Ethics
  3. Study For and Schedule Certification Test
  4. Take the Test and Pass
  5. Become An Active Part of The Admired Leadership Community